What I Did Today, or Why I Didn’t Get the Laundry Done


It’s 8:46 pm, the kids are in bed, finally. Hubby is at work, so the bedtime routine is up to me. The chaos in this house is amazing sometimes. It makes me wonder how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar manage to stay sane with 16 kids! One of the great mysteries, I’m sure. I actually watched the show on Discovery Health Channel when they had number 15, and I was really impressed with them. There’s no doubt that they love each other, and have a strong and sincere faith. Seems to me that’s a pretty good combination.

Anyway, I spent a large part of my evening playing with the settings on my blog. I’ve never messed with html or blog templates, so it was a bit of a nightmare getting stuff to work right. I’ve given up for the day. I’m not cut out for that kind of thing. I’m a plug and play type person, technical stuff irritates the crap out of me. But, I finally got it to work, and you see the results to your left, labeled “Blogs I Read.” Not many so far, but like I said, I gave up for the day.

No Rules. Just Write. is Brenda Coulter’s blog. I read her because she just cracks me up. She’s a very funny lady and she writes inspirational fiction for Steeple Hill, which is owned by Harlequin [you know, the romance publisher?] I found a copy of her first book in the library after I found her blog on the web. Romance [especially inspirational romance] usually irritates the crap out of me, but I really enjoyed Finding Hope. It was laugh out loud funny in spots, and I can never resist funny. Which is why I also love her blog. Did I mention that already? Oh.

Paperback Writer is another favorite of mine. It’s written by Sheila Kelly, who writes as… Well LOTS of people. Let’s see if I get everybody. S.L. Viehl, Lynn Viehl, Gena Hale, Jessica Hall, and Rebecca Kelly. There may be others, but I think I got ’em all. She writes several novels a year (I think I read six somewhere) and, well, half that many is considered prolific. And her novels are good. Really good. She’s published like 31 novels since 2000 or something, but I’ve only read six or seven, and I haven’t found one yet that I didn’t like. [Sheila also writes science fiction, which I usually hate, but I really like her stuff.]

Holly Lisle is an amazing person. She started a writer’s forum called Forward Motion and ran it for about seven years [if you go there, you’ll notice the sheer size of the thing… I joined several months ago and have yet to post because it’s just too overwhelming. Makes me laugh when I think of the troubles I had trying to get a frickin’ blogroll to work on my sidebar.] She also has a website which has so many articles on writing, it’s just amazing. If you have any interest in writing novels, I highly recommend Forward Motion and Holly’s website. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s all FREE?

Her books are amazingly well-written, but not for the faint of heart. She goes into some seriously dark places with her writing. Her characters go through hell and back, and you go with them. You can’t help it, the characters are so real. [embarrassing admission, I got so into her books once, I found myself praying for the characters. I know, I know. Pitiful. I stopped when I realized what I was doing and prayed for Holly instead, but that gives you an idea of how good she is with characters. Or maybe it just tells you a little too much about me!*sheepish grin*]

Anyway, these women are all very different in every way imaginable, but they have a lot in common, too [besides being published authors]. They are all strong, funny, smart, and generous, and those are things I aspire to be each day [oh yeah, I’d like to be published someday, too].

Okay, this thing grew way too big. Sorry ’bout that.


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