And the Moral of the Story Is: Never Use Your First Draft


I read one of my previous posts, and boy, do I need to edit! Sheesh. I can tell I just wrote and posted. Maybe I need to write, save as a draft, then edit and publish it. I’ve got a big day of housework planned tomorrow, but I’m gonna have a go at editing on Friday.

It’s funny how God is teaching me how to do the writer thing through blogging. I feel like I’m on a journey of self-discovery in a way. I don’t know if that’s interesting to anybody else in the world, but that’s all I got right now. I’m going through a lot of spiritual upheaval. My faith is changing and growing, but in a direction I didn’t even know was possible.

I think that once I get through whatever this is, I will know what direction to take in my writing. I actually thought about non-fiction, but I’m not famous, I don’t have a degree in anything, and I’m not consistently funny enough to do humor. I’m not an expert on anything, either. I have a lot of opinions, and some pretty extensive experience in being a wife and mother [10 years married and 8 years mommy, unless you count the years for all three, then it’s fifteen, which sounds more impressive, don’t you think?]

Okay, so anyway, I’m searching, and hoping to find something interesting to talk about for tomorrow’s post, because this is boring even me…



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