Post #32. Done in 20 Minutes and 21 Seconds


I was gonna do 10 minutes, but I just don’t type that fast! I’d get about here and have to quit. Okay, maybe I’m not that slow, but pretty close.

I watched “Fahrenheit 9/11” by Michael Moore tonight. Historically, I have been opposed to this movie on principle, but because of some stuff that’s been happening in the government of my home state, I’ve been questioning my Republican-ness, and wanted to see what the other side had to say.

I expected a strongly slanted, one-sided, left-wing liberal load of crap. What I got was…

Something not quite looking like a complete load of crap. Okay, it was slanted, and I have no idea if everything in it was strictly accurate, but it gave me some food for thought. And some serious frustration with politics as well.

The current scandal in Washington DC is that the President authorized spying on American citizens without warrants. Tapping phone conversations and other stuff. The thing is, I get why he thinks it’s okay, and maybe with a person of integrity it is. But man, the potential for corruption is HUGE! No one is above corruption except Jesus, and last time I checked, He wasn’t in the flesh anymore.

I have believed the president to be a man of integrity. He openly declares his Christianity, and by association [with Jesus, not with religion] should be a man of integrity. But, by being a politician, I’m wondering if the two cancel each other out. These are the kinds of things that make my brain hurt.

I am struggling like crazy to figure out which party really is the lesser of the two evils. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but I am doing some research.

‘Nuf about the ‘whole country situation’ for now, though, I have another fish to fry: The Governor of My Home State. Here’s the situation, you tell me what you think about it.

I voted for a Republican to become Governor of my home state. He won. Within a month of taking office, he makes huge cuts in a lot of areas, which should be a good thing, balancing the budget and all that.

Here’s the deal though. The cuts he made were in the areas of mental health benefits, Medicaid benefits, disability benefits, and he froze the salaries of most of the state employees [which would be a good thing if it were the politicians he froze. (I mean their salaries.) But the people he froze were the low-level state employees.]

He managed to take money from the young, the old, and the crazy. He hurt the people who are the weakest and most helpless in our society. Oh yeah, as he was cutting benefits for the voiceless, he approved funding for a complete renovation of [or rebuilding, I can’t remember which] one of our sports stadiums.

How is that good? What about all the people who can’t afford their antipsychotics anymore? Or the disabled, the elderly and the children who can’t get proper medical care?

How the hell can he justify taking money from babies, the elderly, the disabled, and the mentally ill to build a FREAKING SPORTS STADIUM?!? Is that how all Republicans are? Surely they can’t all be heartless, greedy, idiots, can they?

I have so much homework to do on this, and the bad thing is, I have no idea who to believe anymore. Any advice for some one coming a little late into the game of thinking?

I hope he doesn’t run for re-election, because if he does, I’ll have to vote Democrat for the first time in my life. And if things keep going the way they’re going, you may be reading a post entitled ‘A Conversion Story,’ that has nothing to do with Christianity!

Okay, I think I’ll probably talk more about politics at some other time, but my time was up a long time ago and I have church tomorrow, so I gotta go to bed.



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