Sleepy Post… Again


You think there’s a theme here? I don’t have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or I’ve never been officially diagnosed with it, but I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is loads of fun.

The disease name means “muscle pain,” which is largely what it is. I also have hypoglycemia, which for some reason often goes along with the disease.

I don’t talk about it much because the whole thing just pisses me off. But, fibro [and possible CFS] is probably why I’m so tired all the time, and we went to a Christmas party that was a dessert party, and I ate dessert, so I’m twitchy, tired, and needing to eat some protein before bed. And we’re running low on protein foods because I’ve been avoiding Wal-Mart like the plague with all the shoppers out.

So I’m just a mess, ain’t I? I need to watch my diet better, but it’s expensive as hell to try to eat strictly low-glycemic index foods. Why is it that the healthy foods are the most expensive, and the most processed, least natural stuff is what I can afford?

I’m feeling all whiney tonight, can you tell? I’m gonna go drink some milk and go to bed.


About Shelbi

Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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