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Okay, I just needed to get that out of my system. Here’s the deal, I really like profanity. When I became a Christian, I stopped smoking and drinking and having premarital sex [of course you can’t really have premarital sex after you’re married] way before I stopped cussing.

And after I stopped using profanity, I used substitute profanity. Crap replaced shit. Dang replaced damn [and dangit replaced dammit; I never could get behind darn or darnit, too bland.] Hacked off replaced pissed off, although pee and poop replaced piss and shit to describe bodily functions. Rip replaced bitch [as in, “She’s a real rip.”] Griping replaced bitching. And of course freaking, crap, screw, and various invented words replaced the f-bomb [which had been my favorite.]

There are other ‘substitutes,’ but those are the ones I used the most.

But then I got to thinking [which probably isn’t a good idea, because I seem to be at odds with the status quo when I do] why the heck [oh crap, I forgot that heck replaced hell!] am I doing

The intent is the same regardless of the words I speak. Since God sees the heart, and therefore my intent or motives, He knew that when I said ‘crap,’ what I really wanted to say was ‘shit,’ and sometimes ‘dammit.’ So who was I kidding?

The Bible talks about cursing in James 3, but I’m thinking it’s talking more about what you say [good things [as in ideas, thoughts, concepts] vs. bad things, whether you’re talking about people, or things, or God]

I could be wrong, [it’s happened a time or two] but I think cursing had more to do with saying to some one, “May your eyes burn up and fall out of your head and a cow step on your foot for what you have done,” than, “Ah shit, I stubbed my damned toe!” [Incidentally, should it be ‘damn toe,’ or ‘damned toe,’ I’ve seen it both ways in the past couple of days and I’m curious.]

And so, I began to look at words as a matter of preference. I still don’t cuss in church, or around certain people because it’s offensive to them, but at home and around close friends [and on this blog], I say whatever comes to mind.

That’s just how I am. I stifled it for a long time, but I’m tired of pretending to be something I’m not. I hate dishonesty more than anything else, so I’m not going to be dishonest anymore. And that may mean I offend the hell out of people sometimes. It’s not my motive to be difficult, but it’s probably inevitable.

Maybe profanity is the ‘lowest common denominator’ in language, but I’m not a scholar. I’m just a person with a high school education who loves hyperbole, and colorful turns of phrases, and yes, profanity.

And now I’m freaking [can’t quite drop the f-bomb anymore, but I’m okay with that] tired [as usual] and I’m going to bed!


About Shelbi

Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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  1. I hear ya sista…I usually don’t cuss, my mom really didn’t around us (my brother and me) when we were growing up—but I’ve always thought it doesn’t matter what word you’re using, but how you use it. God is the only (thing?) that can see right into our hearts at all times and not only know what we’re feeling, but feel what we’re feeling. He’s definitely not keeping track of all the “bad” words we say in a day–he’s more interested in our hearts and our feelings.

    Now I know I said my mom didn’t really cuss around us, but others did when I was growing up. I think I told you about the “famous” (according to my grandma) story about me in a restaurant one Sunday in 1980–I was around 2 1/2. I got so mad because I didn’t get peas on my plate, I stood up and yelled, “Oh Shit, no peas!” Still today, my mom’s side of the family tells that story and how funny it was to them to see the expressions on people’s faces. (My dad’s mom was there–she’s totally opposite of my mom’s family–she started to pray to God and ask for my forgiveness—Oh come on —I really doubt God cared…who knows maybe he was laughing as well?

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