Comment Spam, Still Sick,


Well, folks, I didn’t want to, but it looks like I’m gonna have to put the word verification up over here at Shelblog. I’ve gotten several comment spam messages offering me such drugs as prozac and skelaxin, both of which I have taken in the past by the way, but do not need right now.

Since I have a whopping 77 posts on here so far, and the little spam robots find old posts, I have no idea where they are, and I’m too lazy to go back and delete them. It’s not a huge deal, but I know it’s a nuisance for some of you, so I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay, on to other stuff.

This cold I have is kickin’ my ass, people. I have avoided getting really sick all year, and now this one is just tearing me up. I only got 3 hours of sleep Friday night [actually Saturday morning since I was awake until 2 am]

We got up at 5 am so we could get to the quiz meet, and then it was just crazy running all freaking day long, topped with dinner at Chuck E Cheese’s [on a Saturday, it was wall to wall kids.

I love kids, but in small doses, and only when they’re quiet [har har, quiet child is a complete oxymoron if you have more than two in one place, unless they’re doing something they shouldn’t]. I don’t have a lot of patience, and I’m slightly agorophobic, so the crowd thing is awful for me.

It was fun, and we actually met some nice people, but public places [yes, this includes church] suck the energy out of me and once I get to a certain point, I can’t function anymore and have to go home and sleep it off.

Which is why I missed yesterday’s blogging adventure. Believe it or not, at 10 pm, I had to force myself not to turn the computer on. I went to bed instead, skipped church this morning, and slept until 1 this afternoon.

I’m still tired, which is the status quo for me, I know, but it really is worse than usual.

So, I’m gonna try to get some sleep tonight, and get back in the groove tomorrow. I’ve let this cold screw up my writing over at NIP IT IN THE BUTT, so I’m gonna have to get that going again. I’m still scheming about where we’re going next, but I have to get in the habit of writing every day whether I feel like it or not.

I read somewhere that a new habit takes about four weeks to develop, and I’d say I have definitely started a journaling habit thanks to Shelblog. For me, just writing every day is pretty amazing [even though I’ve always wanted to do this, I’ve never been one to actually pursue a dream, or anything that might end in failure. I still don’t know why exactly, but I’m working like crazy to change it.]

My next goal is to make writing my fiction a habit, too. I have no worries that the ideas won’t come, I’ve got three novels I’m thinking about even as I write the first one. I just need to work on getting the words down right now, whatever those words may be.

Sheesh, the two year old has woken [is that right?] up three times since we put her to bed. I probably won’t get any sleep tonight.



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Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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