New Toy


I got a Quickpad IR on eBay the other day. They retail for $199, but I got mine for $79 including shipping [yay me!]. The AlphaSmart might be better [at least for some] but it runs anywhere from $130-$429 retail, and on eBay, the $130 one usually runs around $100, which isn’t much savings. We’re on a tight budget around here. I don’t pay retail for nuttin.’

We did our taxes, and got a refund, so we can get caught up on some bills and fix a few things around the house [the septic tank for one, hoo boy, that’s a story for another day]. We’ve almost finished putting in our dishwasher [that’s another cool story about how good stuff happens when you least expect it].

Our next do it yourself project: new countertops for the kitchen. Our dishwasher sticks out from under the counter, so we had to put a board over the top to keep from getting nasties all over the nice cotton padding on top. If we do the work ourselves, we can probably get it done for $200 or less.

Steve and I actually work pretty well together, so it’s kinda fun assembling stuff. And words cannot describe how excited I am about having a dishwasher! There are five of us, and we are a messy lot. I hate dishes and laundry most of all [soap makes my hands break out and the skin fall off, so I have to use non-latex gloves (allergic to latex, too… how I figured that one out is another story for another day!) so anyway, dishes are the pits, so I very rarely do them. Which means that George [aka Steve] ends up doing them, or helping me, and then I feel like a shitty wife, and get all guilty and stuff.

Guilt is awful. So, the dishwasher may very well improve my sex life [okay, not really, but I have this neat stat counter on my blog that tells me how people find my blog. I’ve gotten more hits for “Pathological Liars Anonymous” than any other post. So I’m experimenting a little. *Evil laugh*]

But now it’s after two in the morning, and I just know that the kids will start bugging me before I’m ready to wake up. Either that or the hubby will decide that we need to wake up together and drink coffee at the buttcrack of dawn, in which case I will have to hit him. Hard. Unless I go to bed now.

Would you believe that the two year old just woke up crying? Argh.


About Shelbi

Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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  1. Hi Shelbi,

    Today I was less fatigued, so I did a post to my blog. I feel accomplished;)

    A dishwasher, huh? That’s great. Life is so much easier with one. You can just chuck the dishes in it as you dirty them, rinse and hold, and then do a load when it’s full.

    With kids that’s especially nice.;)

    As a wife let me hint that even before I got sick with the MS, Peacefrog helped out around the house. We both worked. We both lived there. He helped.

    You have a full time job raising your kids that’s every bit as hard as if you worked out of the home. So you shouldn’t feel guilty about hubby helping, particularly since he pitches in. If he minded, believe me, he wouldn’t pitch in.

    Gonna go for now. I’m tired and I think I need to take something for pain, then sleep. I’m on the West Coast, so it’s not as late as it seems.



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