Okay, I’m a Dummy


My neck was giving me fits tonight, and I still had some muscle relaxant from the last time this happened, which is good because it doesn’t hurt any more. But bad because I’m typing five words a minute, and thinking about that fast as well.

If I was an adventurer, I’d try some poetry and see if I get all deep and stuff, but I think I’ll go to sleep instead.

I did good though, because I let you know ahead of time I’m not blogging instead of saying “I’m sorry I missed last night,” after the fact. I always appreciate it when my regularly read bloggers say they’re going to be taking a break for a few days. I thought you might appreciate a heads up as well [it took me four times to spell ‘heads’ right. Yippee.]

Yeah, so imagine this post with a slurred voice and you got me pegged [don’t worry, Steve’s here to watch the kids, but they’re in bed now, so it doesn’t really matter]


Just so you know, I’ve been thinking of taking a computer break [or more accurately, an Internet break]. I may be away from e-mail and blogs for a few days. We’ll see if I can manage it!

I’d like to concentrate on Thea’s story, and getting caught up on some book reading [I still have Collected Fictions to read, which I won from Doug. I’d put the links in, but, well, I’m sleepy.]

Anyway, everybody take care until I get back. I may be gone as long as Monday, February 20th, but I doubt I’ll wait that long.

See you then.



About Shelbi

Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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  1. Good Evening, Ms. Shelbi —

    I hope you are able take a little break from this part of the internets for a bit. The blogging’s important to you. That’s easy to see, but perhaps it’s become a bit too enslaving? With all your responsibilities at home & trying to, no, actually writing a book, maybe coming here every other day or so would suffice?

    This from a father of 6 grown women, all mothers trying to “do” too much sometimes ;>)

  2. Thanks for the support and well-wishes, guys. I’m a dork, with a slight anxiety disorder, so I get a little freaked out sometimes.

    I’m better now, and remembering to meditate every day, especially when I’m experiencing stress [funny thing, stress, it makes me forget about all the cool coping mechanisms I’ve learned. Sheesh]

    So anyway, I’m back.

    Hedgehog, I got the e-mail, but haven’t responded yet. Maybe tomorrow.

    rof, thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. I do try to do too much sometimes, but my body/mind is really good at letting me know about it. Everything shuts down until I deal with the issue.

    Heh, subtlety isn’t my strong point.

    Doug, I was trying to get through one story, but I read his intro where he said something like, “There’s no point to one of these stories, and that’s why I wrote it.” and I thought, “What if it’s this story? I can’t handle it if it’s this story, I can’t deal with stories that have no point! Is he trying to make me crazy[ahem, crazier].

    And on and on. There are days when I scare myself.

    But I’m better now, and not medicated or in a padded cell, so it’s all good.

    heh hee heehh *giggles and rocks back and forth in her chair*

  3. heh hee heehh *giggles and rocks back and forth in her chair*

    Whoooa! Scenes from Jim Lehrer’s Flying Crows rockets through ROF’s mind. One of the time-passing & control techniques at Lehrer’s mythical Somerset asylum in Missouri was having the “inmates” sitting in a phalanx of rocking chairs for long periods. Outbursts are met w/ a resounding crack to the head w/ a baseball bat. Now there’s a situation to be avoided, hey?

    But, I can highly recommend the book for you to read in your “spare time.” ;>)

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