I actually finished a story!!!


Yay me!  I wrote an entire short story!  It ended up being 4,400 words, and I sent it off to the contest I was planning on entering.  We’ll see how it does.  If I win, I’ll let you know what it is and where you can read it, but if I don’t, um, I ain’t ‘fessing up.

It’s a bit of a change for me considering the fact that I have a blog where I’m working on the rough draft of a novel, but there you go.  I’m a big ball of contradictions.

I have the next several scenes of Thea’s story planned out, but I’ve been concentrating on the short, so she’s been in a corner of my brain, waiting patiently in her jello-brained coma.

I was thinking it would be really mean to make her go back to public school after she recovers, but then I remembered one of the questions Paperback Writer asks her characters:

“What’s the worst thing I can do to you.”

Honestly, the worst thing I can think of, after almost dying and coming out of a coma using regenerative powers you didn’t even know you had, is going back to school and pretending to be normal when what you really want to do is zap the mean kids and teachers and give all of them jello-type brain damage.

Yup.  Thea’s going back to school.  But first I have to get the scenes written where she recovers.  And after writing the short, I’m really excited about Thea again, and I feel like I’m finally ready to have another go at it.

So maybe when I hit a wall, taking a breather and writing something short and fun will perk up my creativity and get me back on the right track.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels that I finished something!  I have to admit, I could have tinkered with it forever, but I only did two edits, well three.  I went through it with the spell and grammar check first.  Then I printed it out and went to Pizza Hut while I was at mom’s and edited it on paper.  After that, I went back and fixed it in word, then finished the final scene [which I’d had some trouble figuring it out]  I went over it one more time, and even though some of it bugged me, I sent it off anyway.

I know you’re supposed to make it as perfect as you can get it before you send it off, and I didn’t quite do that.  There were a couple of places that didn’t feel quite right, and I probably should have worked on it some more, but I felt like if I messed with it too much, I’d decide the whole damn thing sucked and end up trashing it.

That’s not what I wanted to do, so I stopped editing it and sent it anyway. The spelling and grammar is good [I’ve pretty much got that down].  I love the plot because there’s a cool twist at the end [at least I think it is;-)]  There’s some humor, although that may end up counting against me.  It might be a little too close to real life.  I never can tell about these things.

I liked my characters, but with it being a short story, I didn’t spend a lot of time working through their thought processes, so I don’t know how much of their inner lives got into the story.  That could be good or bad, again, I’m clueless.

I think what I’m learning is that I’ll never be able to follow prescribed rules when it comes to my writing.  I kinda go where the story leads me and hope it works out in the end.

I read it to Steve and he liked it, but he’s not really a good judge since the last fiction he read was something by Dr. Seuss.  That and he loves me, and love tends to be blind [at least his is.  Trust me on this.]  Nevertheless, it felt good to have him say he liked it.  What can I say?  Even uninformed, love-blinded accolades work for me!  I’ll take anything.

Pitiful, ain’t it?  Oh well, it’s only right that my beloved be my biggest fan, don’t you think?  And he is terribly sweet, and really cute.

I read JA Konrath’s blog from time to time, and he had this to say about what makes a good blog.  I think I break about every one of his rules with my li’l ole blog, which is probably why only a few people read me.  I haven’t quite worked up the courage to try to generate hits [there are several things you can do, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head, and I’m tired now, so I’m not going to go looking for them.]

I’m a little worried because I don’t think I’m very consistent. Certainly not with content, since I’m all over the world in topics, sometimes in the same post [like now… hee hee].  Oh well, right now, this is just a personal thing.  I’ve met some really cool people who, and this is still weird to me but it’s true, have become actual [or is that virtual] friends.

Maybe when I’m published I’ll get my act together and do a ‘professional blog,’ but right now this is pretty cool.

Ugh.  The two-year-old just woke up crying, so I’ll see y’all tomorrow.


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Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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