Well, folks, write this one down for history


I actually did laundry today.  I did all the kids’ laundry and actually got it finished.  By finished, I mean that I washed, dried, and semi-folded [laid stuff out flat so it could be put on hangers easily] five or six big loads of laundry.

Made me realize just how many clothes my kids have.  Frightening, I tell you.  I buy it on eBay [no retail for this girl] so I sometimes get a big lot all at once, and then I end up forgetting what I’ve got on order and bid on another big lot, and I end up with way too much stuff for each of them.

That, and the more clothes you have, the less you have to do laundry.  But that backfires because by the time I get around to doing it, it’s stacked up so high I get overwhelmed and put it off longer.  Vicious cycle, ain’t it?

So anyway, I have to get up way too early to go do my jury duty, but my mom and dad saved us the nightmare of trying to juggle the kids by taking them all.

They called this morning and said they thought they’d take two, since Michaela [that’s the two-year-old] might get a little weird if she’s all alone.  So I said they could take Shaya [age eight] because she does better with MRF [that’s Michaela’s nickname, coined by my mom and pronounced Murph, just fyi].

So they said that was cool [don’t you just love my description of the conversation here?  I’m boycotting quotes right now ’cause I’m tired].

A few minutes later, they called back and said they’d made an executive decision… I thought o crap, what does this mean?  They said that they didn’t want Matthew [five years] to feel left out, so they would go ahead and take all three of them until the trial is over.

Glory Be!  What a relief.  So tomorrow, Steve’s gonna drive them to the farm [or meet somewhere in the middle if the roads are good].  We have a winter storm warning in effect until Tuesday here in Northwestern Misery, so I’ll be getting to drive into down town KC in the freaking snow.

Ugh.  Have I mentioned that I hate driving in the city?  Oh boy, I avoid it like the plague.  In fact, Steve’s family all lives there and I have yet to be forced to drive there.  That all ends either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Y’all pray for me, okay?  I’m sleepy now, so I have to go.  Good night, dear friends.


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  1. I’ve already said a prayer for you—that you would have a safe trip back and forth (as many days as the trial lasts) and that you would have no idiot drivers driving by you—yeah, that’s a big prayer, but like they say, God is big!:) Take care! Rob

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