Jury Duty, Day 4, The Verdict


Guilty. It was unanimous, although it took us two hours to agree on the verdict. It was really weird, but the government proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he knew he was lying when he filed his tax return [didn’t report 1.7 million dollars worth of income from a capital gain… he tried to say it was deferred, but it wasn’t, and he was advised by lawyers that it wouldn’t be, but he filed it without the capital gain anyway. Eesh. Don’t cheat on your taxes, folks, it’s not worth it!]

I’m allowed to talk about it now, so me revealing all that crap is legal, just in case you wondered.

Tonight was accountability group, and when I got home, Stevie was singing Mark Schultz’s Holy One. Such a beautiful song! And he hit the top notes, which is pretty amazing since Steve’s voice is considerably lower than Mark’s.

So anyway, have I gushed about how wonderful my husband’s voice is yet? I admit I’m biased, but I also hear pitch pretty well, and I can tell if somebody misses a note, and Steve rarely does [and if he does miss a note, it’s one that’s really high and prolonged, you know?]

The only other person I know personally who does that is my friend Lindsay, and when she and Steve sing together, it’s simply miraculous. And I ain’t a kiddin’ ya neither!

It’s kinda funny that he’s a ‘singing trooper’ but he sang long before he trooped. In fact, his secret dream [or not so secret.. especially now that I’m going to blab it all over the internet] has always been to become a professional singer.

He has the voice for it, but his stage presence isn’t the best [you’re not supposed to have any when you sing in church, didn’t you know? So he never figured out how to do anything but stand when he’s on stage]. Anyway, my honey sings real pretty. Maybe I’ll figure out how to post a sound bite [or is that byte?] someday and I can prove I’m not just makin’ shit up.

MwaHAHAAAAHAAHA!! I’ve had my sleep meds, and I’m loopy, so forgive any typos and rambling [I mean rambling of an unusual nature, not the regular rambles :-D]


About Shelbi

Work-at-home wife, mom of three kids, and caregiver for my brother, who has Cerebral Palsy. Never a dull moment, in other words. No idea how much I'll post, since I'm super busy these days, but maybe I'll get over here once in a while.

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  1. I’m glad you’re done commuting, especially since you’re not all that used to it. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about your experience.

    Whether I leave a note or not, I “cruise” through here most nights — sort of like I “cruised” through &/or around the KC area at least twice a year for the past 35 years. I look forward to the former, & I’m glad I’ll probably never do the latter again. ;>)

  2. Thanks, ROF. It really means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog.

    As for KC? Ugh. I have a phobia of big cities. All the traffic and one way streets give me the heebie jeebies. I don’t know how the people who do it every day manage. I think if I had to do it all the time, I’d lose my mind [and it’s half gone as it is]

    Take care, ROF, and leave a note any time. It’s the comments that make this so much fun for me, so keep ’em comin’!

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