Read this.  Am I the only one who feels sick about this?  Bush and Blair talked about attacking Iraq regardless of whether they found weapons of mass destruction or not.  They thought it would be a simple matter to go in, take out Saddam and his army, and rebuild Iraq into a democracy.

Dear God, did they even have one functioning brain cell between them?  Can you say MORON?  Three years after Bushco started this shit, Iraq is in worse shape than it was when Saddam was in charge, and he was a horrible dictator.

I remember hearing that some cultures spit after they say the name of someone they are disgusted by.  One example that I heard several years ago [not sure if it's true, but I'm giving it anyway… if anyone knows for sure, please share] was that when the old testament Hebrews would talk about a Samaritan, they would spit after they said the word.

Yeah, so anyway, picture me spitting on the floor each time I write W's name [in any form].  What a horrible, wicked man.  I am disgusted.  [hawking a big loogie and letting it fly out of my mouth with a big, wet, thwack onto my computer monitor… my aim sucks, so it also lands on my desk, keyboard, shirt, and chin, but damn, I feel better!]


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