Anybody know why I have double links on my blogroll?

I tried to fix it, but obviously, it didn't work.

I don't know what my deal is, but I am royally pissed off at everyone today.  We've gone to church every night this week for practices and such, tonight was Maundy Thursday, which is where we remember the last hours of Christ's life… you know, the garden, the arrest, etc.

There wasn't childcare, so I sat in the nursery with the kids.  I tried to go listen to Steve's monologue, but Matt made Michaela scream about a minute after I got to the sanctuary.

I don't know if the hormones from my birth control [which I started this week for the first time in 11 years… that just seems weird to me] are screwing with my mind, or if it's the hormone fluctuation from my period, or a combination, but my depression is nuts today, and I want to hit somebody.

Steve better watch out [okay, not really, but I am being a total bitch, and tomorrow I'll feel guilty for it… tonight I just don't give a shit.]

I want peace and quiet, with no interrupted sleep [Michaela woke up crying three times last night, and she's been a whiner all day… TONS of crying]

Steve's been stressing because we're leaving town next week and we're not packed yet.  I dunno 'bout him sometimes.  His stress stresses me and makes me want to hit someone [because his stress usually results in him nagging me because I hate the laundry and mostly refuse to do it alone, which isn't fair, but right now I just don't give a shit.  Oh, did I mention I don't give a shit?]

So now that I've vented at least some of my pissy angst bullshit, I guess I'll help Steve fold laundry and then I'm gonna play a game on the computer.  Maybe it'll help me relax.

Later, Y'all.


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  1. Shel, RE: the double links … if you haven’t duplicated them in your link manager (under Bookmarks), then I’d suggest trying a theme change to the WordPress Classic or the WordPress Default and view site to see if you still have a problem. I tried to recreate it with a blog (, but the best I can do is break the footer. I suspect there’s a compatibility problem with the theme and the widgets, but I’m not certain — the wordpress used here vs. the one I’m currently using on my home site are a wee bit different! Hope this helps, if not, bug and pester them on the wp support forums!

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