Better, But Migraine, Also…


This will more than likely be my last post for a while. We're going on vacation, and I don't know how feasible blogging will be while I'm gone.

Ah well, we need a vacation, so I won't complain much if I don't get to vent to the great blogosphere.

My mood is considerably better today. I'm still a little sad, but since I'm not pissed off at the world, I consider that a definite improvement.

We got a 14 day free trial of Rhapsody and I'm listening to Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. I love that song! Okay, I love Floyd. I know they're not PC, but it's the music that gets me. There's something about big orchestras in rock music. I dunno, I just like it.

I remember not too long after Steve and I met each-other [but before we were dating] I watched The Wall. I kinda liked it, and I wasn't even stoned when I watched it. Steve fell asleep. Both times. I guess it's a little weird, but I thought it was cool. Someone said that you could play The Wall on CD and watch The Wizard of Oz at the same time and it would fit somehow. I never tried it though.

I had a long talk with my friend Bec today. Sheesh, I miss her. It's funny, in the ten years or so since I became a Christian, we've gone from being polar opposites on politics and religion [she was a liberal agnostic and I was a conservative, yes almost fundamentalist, Christian] to mostly agreeing on everything.

Neither one of us ever thought that would happen! Strange how a little age and experience change things so much. It's good though, because Bec and I go back even farther than Steve and I do.

I met her when I was nineteen, so we've known eachother for thirteen years now. And been close friends the whole time [with some distances when I went off the deep end].

Yeah, for sheer longevity and 'love you in spite of yourself,' I'd say Bec and Steve are my two all-time best friends. That's a neat thing, you know?

Lindsay and I were talking the other night about friends we can say anything to and not worry about screwing up the friendship so bad it can't be saved. The fact that Bec and I are still friends after some of our former arguments is a testament that that kind of friendship can happen from time to time [even for me].

So I guess I'm done rambling now. It really was good to talk to one of my oldest, dearest friends again. I love you, Bec.


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