Hello There!


I'm still alive, but I'm on my mom's computer with a dialup connection so every minute I'm on the computer, her phone is busy.

We've had a great vacation so far.  Going home on Tuesday, where I will hopefully begin blogging regularly again [sounds like constipation, doesn't it?]  I'm homesick, but alas, Stevie thinks he needs to go turkey hunting, so we must stay for a couple more days, since the season doesn't open until Monday.

I don't understand the whole hunting thing.  In fact, if we could afford it, I'd probably be a vegetarian [and if I wasn't hypoglycemic and if soybeans didn't give me horrible gas… Hey! Lookie there, I get to classify this one as TMI!].

Oh well, I'm rambling because I'm short on time, and sleepy to boot.  Lethal combination for my coherency.

Vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks was relaxing and fun.  It's not the least bit exotic since I grew up an hour and a half from the lake, but it wasn't home, so it counts.  Missouri is pretty un-glamorous [but a lot of people come here, so maybe it's just un-glamorous to me since I've lived here my whole life… anyone else feel that way about their homeland?]

So anyway, the family has colds [except Shaya and me] so they're all grumpy and snotty, and Steve is supposed to sing at our old church in the morning.  I dunno if it's going to happen, though.  We'll see.

Anyway, this'll probably be all until Tuesday or Wednesday, so I hope you are all doing well.  Stay safe, and all that.


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  1. “anyone else feel that way about their homeland?” – there are different tastes to climates and locations; I can’t say the one I live in is my favorite (heh, especially since I seem to live in a huge metropolis); but sometimes just a single hint of nature gives me “wow!”. Staying for a long time with the nature is another matter: recently I’ve thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that while nature goes around its business, it grows, it sings, it breathes, I feel quite a bit out of my place; I can’t grow, sing, breathe with it, I should be doing my own business in the huge dusty metropolis where I have access to internet and other people and books and can grow, sing and breathe…

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