Home At Last


And it's freaking cold in my room.  Steve put the space heater in the attic before we left for vacation, and now I'm cold.

Oh well.  We got home and everything is in the living room.  Still.  Steve went back to work tonight, and I hope he's enjoying himself [I'm sure he is.  The man gutted hogs at a pork processing plant for a year and a half and loved it, so that gives you an idea of how easy he is to please!]

So the house is ridiculous.  We got home and realized that our back door was unlocked.  Nothing was missing, but I swear I locked the damn thing before we left.  Eesh.  

I left the front door open one night and the neighbor noticed it before we got home and went in to check things out with a baseball bat in hand.  Embarrassing.  So it's possible I left the door unlocked, but I could have sworn…

Oh, just up the street from us, a couple was arrested for having $17,000 worth of 'ice' in their possession.  Intending to sell it.  Lousy bastards.  Apparantly, ice is a more potent form of meth that is imported from Mexico.  Like straight home-cooked meth isn't bad enough? 

I guess people around here are cooking less of it themselves.  Thank God, that's some wicked shit to cook.  Steve saw pictures in the academy of burns people get from the ammonia and other stuff they use when cooking it.  One was of a two or three year old who was burned all over his arms and chest after he got into some of his daddy's chemicals.  Unbelievable.

I've never been one to really like being stoned or drunk [although I admit I have a real affection for Vicodin… but only because it makes me sleep.  I don't like to stay awake for the feeling, but drug induced sleep is wonderful.  Weird, I know.  Thank God it makes me itch like crazy or I'd be addicted.  As it is, I only remember fondly not being able to keep my eyes open and giving in to the bliss of sleep, because now the itching is so freaking bad it keeps me awake!]

So anyway, my heart pretty much precludes me using stimulants stronger than caffeine [and then only in drinks, and limited].  I tried 'mini-thins' once when I was a teenager [minithins are an asthma med… might be ephedrine, but I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look it up, but a lot of truck drivers used it as speed.  Which is where I got mine, at the truck stop].

Yeah, I felt pretty good for about 20 minutes and then my heart sped up and started skipping and I felt like absolut shit for several hours [and this after taking a half of a tablet] so speed of any sort has scared the hell out of me since then.

I guess it's a good thing, since I've never been tempted to try many drugs [had a couple of run-ins with pot when I was nineteen.  Didn't like that either, and then I got some that must have been either really good, or laced with something because I was seeing lightning bolts and felt like I had cataracts or something because I couldn't see very well, and I couldn't breath very well, and that was the last time I ever tried pot because I felt like I was numb and walking through water for two weeks afterward.  

Oh man, that was an awful experience.  I still have no idea what happened, and the guy I was smoking with swore that it was just some really good weed, with nothing else mixed in, so maybe I just had a bad reaction to it.  I dunno, but that was the end of my illegal drug experimentation.

Hey, guess what?  I had no idea what I was going to blog about when I started this, but I ended up rambling for a good spell, don't you think?

I'm home, and it is good.


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