Oh My, He Did NOT Just Say That…


So today, I was laughing at Steve [he was looking around for a hanger to hang his uniform pants on, a hanger that I had put in the pocket of the pants he was wearing, so he was looking around for a hanger he was already holding… oh come on, you'd laugh too!] 

He thought maybe I shouldn't be laughing so hard at him, so he threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me.  My feet ended up over his shoulders [tmi, I know, but we were fully clothed, and you need to know this].

So we're laughing and I'm trying to get away from him, when we hear, "Ugh, eww!"  From Matthew.  Then we hear footsteps into the kitchen and a yelled [at the top of his lungs because he only has one volume level].  "Dad's kissing Mom's butt!"

So now we're laughing uncontrollably, almost too much to move, and Steve lets me up so we can go explain that what he thought he saw wasn't what he saw…  Well, anyway, next episode.

Matt's been obsessed with super-powers ever since we watched Sky High.  He was truly depressed when I told him that he'll never be able to go 'in-visible' [one day he asked me, "Mom, where is visible, anyway?" or move stuff without touching it.

So I'm sitting here, and the kids are playing in the kitchen, and suddenly my ears tune in to what they're saying.  Matt says, "You could have 'puke power!'  That means you can puke when you want to.  Do you wanna have that power, Shaya?"

"Yes, I already have it."  Much fake gagging ensues and they run off to watch their dad play video games. 

So now Steve is cussing the video game, the kids are distracting him by talking to him, and it's time for him to get ready for work, so I have to go interrupt the bond-fest because Steve can't tell time when the GameCube is on.


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