The Secret of My Libido [or, way more than you ever wanted to know about me]


Okay, this isn't exactly R rated, more PG-13, I guess, but it is about sex, so if that bothers you, come back another time.

Well, I think I figured out what caused the increase in my libido recently [and what caused it to go back to nothing]. Believe it or not, it's partly my accountability group from church that got me going.

I don't know if we're "normal Christian women" or not, but when we get together, we talk about sex. A lot. It's funny because we don't exactly go into specific details ["we did it in this position for this many minutes, then switched to this for such and so minutes"] but we do talk about a lot of stuff relating to sex [to respect my friends' privacy, I won't go into any more detail about them].

Anyway, we'd been getting together every other week and we've missed the past few because various people have been out of town and whatnot. What I've realized is that if I don't get together with my friends for some 'girl-time' [and sex talk 😛 ] My stress levels go up, and I forget to think about sex [too busy and distracted with other stuff].

Since the best sex organ [for a woman, anyway. I can't say for sure with guys since I've never been one] is the brain, and I haven't been using mine to think, read, talk, and imagine sex, my libido has gone into the toilet.

You'd think these kinds of things would just be automatic, like hunger, or breathing, but no. I'm a little bitter, but at least I've figured out how to kick start it again.

1. I'm getting together with my accountability group tomorrow [we're meeting at my friend's house for Sunday school since she just had surgery and can't leave the house yet]. We're actually starting a real Sunday School class together, so we'll talk about that, but I'm sure the topic of sex will come up. Plus, I just have a whole lot of fun with those girls, and I've missed them. There really is something special about having close friends.

2. I'm going to spend some time thinking and reading about sex. You'd be amazed at how easy it is for me to forget that sex even exists. It's like my libido hibernates or something.

I can look at Steve and think, "Damn, he's cute/sexy/beautiful" and have no desire whatsoever to jump his bones. I mostly just want to cuddle and sleep.

He's also my best friend, and we were platonic friends before we were ever attracted to each other, so I guess it's just easy to slip back into 'friend' mode.

Friend mode is good for me, but for him? Not so much. So I'm thinking, already!

3. Do I really want to reveal this one? Maybe not. At least not today.


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  1. Re #3: Aw, c’mon.

    I wondered whether your libido picked up as a result of your revelatory post here a while back (you know — about your past history). No? To me, the timing seemed right for that, but I could be wrong.

    You know, though, if you go back and forth between platonic and nymphette, you’ll drive your hubs crazy, and not good crazy, either.

  2. Steve said, “But back and forth is better than friend mode all the time.”

    We’ve been in ‘friend mode’ for long periods of time at various stages in our relationship. I’m nothing if I’m not inconsistent.

    As for the ‘revelatory post,’ that thought crossed my mind, too, and I think it might be a contributing factor, too.

    And with #3, it was probably a cheap shot, but I’m gonna have to work that one up a little. It’s kind of embarrassing.

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