Took a Day Off


From the computer yesterday.  Steve and I cleaned house and made the kids help us.  They’re old enough to start cleaning up after themselves.  And we’re starting a new process here at home.  The one where we keep a clean house and have a peaceful atmosphere inside and out.

It started off pretty good.  I need to go through the cabinets in the bathroom and re-organize them, but other than that, the only room that still needs to be cleaned is Steve’s and my bedroom.  Soon, we’re going to tackle the garage and get rid of everything in there that we don’t absolutely need [like the deep freeze and Steve’s motorcycle, the lawn mower and tools.  That’s it, honest!  Everything else is getting donated or thrown away].

I know that we need to get our house in order so that the good that is on its way will manifest more quickly.  If you keep all the old crap, how is any new stuff going to have room to enter your life?  I’m ready:  Out with the old; in with the new, Baby!

Actually, Steve’s on days this week, and although he doesn’t know it yet, we’re gonna clean out the garage this week.  It’s supposed to be 76 degrees on Tuesday here!  That’s the perfect temperature, don’t you think?  This year is going to be a record year for temperatures at 76 degrees in Missouri.

After we get the garage cleaned out and organized, we’re going to tackle the junk in our room [and get rid of half of everything, don’cha know?]

It’s time to go through our clothes and decide what we actually need, and get rid of the rest.  Our closet is so jam-packed we don’t even know what kind of clothes we still have!  Again, how can we get new stuff when we don’t have any room for it?

So there’s the plan for the week.  It seems mundane on the outside, but it’s a direct result of the inner work I’ve been doing, and it’s a vital part of this process.


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