Still have power…


So far.  A lot of people in my area have lost power, so it may be just a matter of time.  Steve went to work today, and I guess he’s been pretty busy.

Apparently, the big trucks aren’t slowing down, so every time he sees one in a ditch, he gives ’em a ticket.  Why is it that people who live here, and should know better, think they don’t have to slow down when it’s icy?

There’s probably a half inch or more covering everything outside.  The trees are gorgeous, but they’re falling apart and their pitiful broken branches are landing in inconvenient places.  The kids are home from school today [and loving it].

Steve and I were talking a little bit ago and we got cut off.  I just sent a page to his phone.  I’m going to give him a little bit of time to call me back before I call Troop to make sure he’s okay.  Right now, I’m not worried, but if the anxiety starts, I’ll be giving them a call.

Fun times.


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