She’s Baaaaacckkk!!!


For how long, who knows, but for now, I’m back on this old thing and giving it another go.

I actually started another blog because this one had a tendency to draw unwanted guests, but then I thought, wait a minute…I’m letting someone chase me from a place where I spent a good FIVE YEARS of my life writing.  And even though it might be fun at times, it IS work, dammit!  But no one even knows I’m still alive because I don’t want to deal with possible backlash if I’m open and honest here.

Standard profanity clause here…if it bothers you, don’t continue reading this, okay?

Bah.  Fuck that.  I refuse to be intimidated by my own imagination.  So there.

Unfortunately, I’m also sleepy and I don’t really want to spend the next three hours writing something since it’s already after midnight.  Yeah, I know.  I shouldn’t take three hours to write one blog post, but sometimes that’s how long it takes.  But here’s the deal.  I’ve finally [after an alarming TWENTY years!] decided I’m going to be my own person.  I’ve got a voice, and it’s past time for me to use it.  Just because I live in the Bible Belt doesn’t mean I have to stay silent about what I believe, it just means I need a place to talk about why not here, right?

Rambling.  I suspect it’s at least partly because my beloved is snoring his face off right now and driving me batshit crazy.  I effing hate the sound of snoring.  Why he has to sleep on his back is a mystery to me, but the time has come for me to go crawl into bed, plant my icy cold feet on his upper thigh, and whack him in the head so he’ll stop that horrid noise.

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  1. Welcome back to WordPress, sister!

    This is the perfect place to ramble and rant at your leisure. Don’t let some attention-seeking plebs ruing things for you.

    Remember, you have full control over your blog. If someone posts something particularly insulting or abusive you can just delete it. Or even better, edit it to say something else entirely. I have done this a few times myself but for a different reason.

    If someone I know makes a typo in a comment and then replies again pointing the typo out, I correct the original misspelling. Then I change their follow-up post to something stupid like “I am a bumblebee and my knees are made out of lettuce”.

    Seriously though. As Captain Planet would say, the power is yours!

    • I agree, Michael, and thanks for the warm welcome back! I actually deleted a comment on this post by someone who isn’t welcome here anymore, just a couple of days ago.

      I love your idea about editing the posts, though. That was one of the few threads I read at the forum, and your idea cracked me up. I didn’t quite understand how some people missed the humor, but hey, not everyone understands a joke that doesn’t involve poking someone in the eye and saying, ‘Woop wooop wooop wwooop!!!” 🙂

      Typically, I won’t censor anybody unless things get downright nasty, but I have few enough readers, I don’t imagine I’ll have a lot of craziness going on ’round here. Thanks again for taking the time to stop by!

  2. Yo Shelbi.

    By any chance do you know which blog it was that I gave you and someone else advice about self-publishing on Smashwords? The replies and stuff have disappeared from the Comments I’ve Made section which annoys me no end.

    Hope you are doing well today and not neglecting your blog again…

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