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Taking the Night Off


See ya either tomorrow or Monday. Steve's family is coming up, so I may not get a chance to blog around.

In the mean time, Jill Carroll got a chance to speak for herself. [Link shamelessly stolen from Blue Gal]

I have a feeling that Jill can take care of herself, but she and her family are still in my prayers, as are the rest of the hostages.

Let's end this thing, Mr. President. Stop being such a shit.



Read this.  Am I the only one who feels sick about this?  Bush and Blair talked about attacking Iraq regardless of whether they found weapons of mass destruction or not.  They thought it would be a simple matter to go in, take out Saddam and his army, and rebuild Iraq into a democracy.

Dear God, did they even have one functioning brain cell between them?  Can you say MORON?  Three years after Bushco started this shit, Iraq is in worse shape than it was when Saddam was in charge, and he was a horrible dictator.

I remember hearing that some cultures spit after they say the name of someone they are disgusted by.  One example that I heard several years ago [not sure if it's true, but I'm giving it anyway… if anyone knows for sure, please share] was that when the old testament Hebrews would talk about a Samaritan, they would spit after they said the word.

Yeah, so anyway, picture me spitting on the floor each time I write W's name [in any form].  What a horrible, wicked man.  I am disgusted.  [hawking a big loogie and letting it fly out of my mouth with a big, wet, thwack onto my computer monitor… my aim sucks, so it also lands on my desk, keyboard, shirt, and chin, but damn, I feel better!]

Jury Duty, Day 3


We hear closing arguments tomorrow.  Then we deliberate, give them the verdict, and go home.  What an interesting experience, in a lot of ways.

I learned that even if I didn’t have three kids and no degree I more than likely could not work outside my home.  I hurt like hell, am exhausted, and generally feel like I need a week to recover from this.  Our hours have been easy [six hours with an hour for lunch], but I do have to drive for an hour and fifteen minutes each way, so that kicks it up to eight and a half hours [I think… is my math okay?].

Still, that’s typical shift length, and I think if I had to work it all the time, I wouldn’t be able to function outside of going to and from work.  That’s a little depressing.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what I really think of jury duty and our judicial system [or maybe Friday].  Steve and I watched V for Vendetta yesterday, and I can feel a blog entry coming on about it, but it’s not quite here yet.

Another entry is my take on Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.  I’d post a link, but my link poster appears to be broken.  You can Google it pretty easily, or just wait until I get around to posting my review 😮

Let’s see, what else?  I’m a little down in my mood right now, and I think it has to do with my fatigue level, but I’ve been thinking about Bushco, the war, and his statement that he won’t be the one pulling the troops out of Iraq.

I wanted to cry when I read that, because it seems like he doesn’t care at all about what’s right, only what he thinks we should do.  I wonder if maybe he’s legitimately off in the head with some kind of psychotic disorder thing going on?

His behavior in Iraq reminds me of a playground bully who refuses to listen to anybody and screams, “You’re not the boss of meeeee!!!!” From the top of the monkey bars or jungle gym, and pushes anyone off who gets close.

The man is truly frightening.  Um, well actually, the power he wields is frightening.  I only hope the American public wakes up to the truth and begins to show the president that we are his boss, and we don’t accept that kind of behavior on the playground.

More later, dear friends.

Oh, Doug’s cocktail works beautifully.  After I finally got Steve to let me go to sleep [he likes to play this stupid beepy game on his new phone, and it keeps me up… y’all thought I was talkin’ frisky stuff, din’t ya? 😛 ]

I fell asleep within probably fifteen to twenty minutes.  It could be the exhaustion from jury duty helped, but my brain didn’t run in circles for hours, so that was gooooood!

Okay, I’m really done now.

I Thought of Jill Carroll The Other Night…


As I was going to sleep, she popped into my head.  It wasn’t really a surprise since people pop into my head all the time.  I imagined her in a dark room, but it was late here [and therefore dark] and since she has to wear the headscarf, I imagine that wearing a hood feels dark even if you can see.

I must confess, I wondered if something had happened to her.  I’ve never had visions of the future or anything, but I still wondered since I was falling asleep and then I was wide awake and thinking about Jill Carroll.

I did the only thing I could, I prayed for her and her captors.  I don’t care what anyone says, prayer makes a difference.  Often, the person it changes is me, but sometimes, I think God changes the circumstances, too.  You could argue that it was going to happen that way regardless, but since I believe in God, I’ll give him the credit.

The frustrating thing about reporters being kidnapped is that we are all pretty desensitized to it.  Reporters go to other countries and sometimes get more than a story.  Sometimes they are injured, killed, or kidnapped.  And we kind of say, “You know what?  He knew when he went there that death or kidnapping was a risk, so it’s on his own head what happens to him.”

But the thing is, Jill is a friend to many, and a beloved daughter to her parents.  And so are all the other reporters who have been kidnapped or died while getting the story.  They’re people, just like you and me, and Jill Carroll has been sitting and waiting for two months.

She has been living under the spectre of death, in darkness, for two months.  She wakes up every morning and wonders, “Is this the day they let me go, or the day they kill me?”  I can’t imagine what it feels like to be in that situation, and I shudder to think about my own kids being in a similar predicament.

Please continue to pray for Jill and her captors.  Pray that our state department will do something to help secure her release.  I understand that we can’t give in to demands from the kidnappers, but there has to be some way to work something out with them.  Some way to make them understand that Jill is an innocent who doesn’t deserve to die because her home country is run by bloodthirsty hypocritical bullies.

There has to be a way to stop this madness, guys.  I wish my brain was a lot bigger and that I could figure out how, but damn, we need to find peace.  This war has gone on for three years, and thousands upon thousands of innocent people have died because of sanctions against Iraq since the first Gulf War, and in the current blood bath.

When does it end?  How do we stop it?  Without a miracle from God, W. isn’t going to stop.  He believes he’s doing the right thing, and somehow he believes that the American People are all supporting him, regardless of what the polls say.

I’m praying that if there is any part of W. that is still seeking God, that still wants even a little bit to obey His will, that God will speak to that part of W. and begin a change of heart that will end this madness.

I’m also praying that the American People will wake up and see that we have a responsibility to speak out against the real evil that sits in our White House.

I’m praying that God will work a miracle in the kidnappers’ hearts as well.  That he will help them see that Jill is not their enemy, and killing her will accomplish nothing but more needless pain.

And I’m praying that God will be with Jill and give her the peace that only he knows how to give. That his presence will be a constant companion, and that she will feel our prayers and positive, protective thoughts surrounding her and keeping her safe.  And that God will see fit to bring Jill home safely.

Doug, Blue Gal, and Jurassic Pork have all been thinking about Jill as well.  In fact, they’re the reason I’m doing this again.  I realize I only have five or six regulars, but every little bit helps, so please pray for Jill.  Write to your Representative, Senator, and our State Dept.  Stand up and be counted, people.  Each voice matters, let’s do all we can to make sure that another isn’t silenced forever.


*It took me 20 minutes to write two e-mails, one to the state dept, and the other to my representative.  I will write both of my senators as well, but I wanted to let you know that it doesn’t take much time to send an e-mail.  Please consider it.*