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A Recipe!


I made it up myself.  I think it’s pretty good, and Matthew actually ate it and kinda liked it [he hates vegetables] so I consider it a victory!

Shelbi’s Homemade Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

5 Potatoes, peeled and chopped

1 lb. frozen mixed vegetables

1 cup frozen broccoli

2 cups frozen carrots

2 cans diced tomatoes [with juice]

1 can corn [drained]

1 can mushrooms [drained]

1 can green beans [drained]

1/2 cup chopped onion [frozen]

1/2 cup soup seasoning vegetables [frozen]

several shakes Worcestershire sauce [about six?]

garlic powder

Mrs. Dash table blend



Salt and Pepper

1 package beef stew seasoning mix [has no meat products]

Several shakes of olive oil [about four?]

Lots of water to boil it in!

So I started out with my water and started flinging spices in at random [hence, no measurements… just fling to taste] then I added my frozen onions and the soup seasoning mixed veggies [has some celery, onions, red peppers, and maybe some other veggie… can’t remember now].  I turned on the heat so it would start boiling. 

Then I peeled my potatoes and chopped ’em up and flung ’em in [yes, I really flung ’em… you should see my kitchen].  I had some broccoli and carrots that I had cooked yesterday, hence the flinging of those two veggies [but they’re yummy in soup, so, you know, fling ’em!] but I didn’t do that until after I had flung all the frozen stuff in to start to cook.  I added a can of tomatoes at that point, and had to take out some of my water, because I was running out of room in my pot.  That happens to me a lot, but anyway…

After the potatoes and frozen vegetables were mostly cooked, I added the already cooked vegetables, the canned veggies, and my other can of tomatoes with the juice. 

I wanted to make sure this would be completely vegetarian, so I checked the beef stew seasoning packet for some kind of ‘natural meat flavoring’ but there wasn’t any.  Yay!  That really made the soup taste more full.  I normally would add hamburger to my soup, which pretty much accomplishes the same thing, but I was curious if I could get vegetable soup to taste like it had meat in it when it didn’t.

I think I succeeded pretty darn well!  Shaya said it was the best vegetable soup she’d ever had, and like I said before, Matthew didn’t despise it, and actually ate it all, so I consider it a complete victory.

I served it up with crackers and sliced extra sharp cheddar cheese.  Cheese always tastes good with soup! 

So that’s it.  And this may be my first ever recipe blog post, so mark it down in your calendar!  Woo Hoo!!

~later, friends!