Monthly Archives: March 2010



So, I decided to switch up the blog again.  No idea if I’ll actually post much.  I was going to today, but after I changed the title and theme, all of a sudden, I’m exhausted and thinking I need a nap instead. 

My life is ridiculously busy, but we’re finally finding some sort of equilibrium, which means I can think about something other than survival now.  I think Maslow was pretty smart.  There are definitely some things that I have to have in order before I can do things like write or think on spiritual things more than the desperate, “God, help me!” or “Lord, have mercy!”

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of life, though, and it’s a relief.  I’m adjusting to being incredibly busy.  Working my butt of for the first time in a very long time, in fact.  I’ve homeschooled all three kids this year, and that’s been quite the adventure.  Our lives turned upside down about the time we decided that homeschool was the best option for the kids.  So aside from the natural adjustment period that I think is probably normal in the first year, I’ve been trying to figure out how in the world I’m supposed to make sure Jeremi is well taken care of and take care of the kids, housework, and homeschool too.  It’s too much for me to do by myself is what I’ve figured out, and we’ve got some help with taking care of J and the housework now.  I still have too much on my plate, but I’m not so overwhelmed I can’t function, which is where I was a few months ago.

Jeremi is a whole lot of work.  He’s a quadriplegic, which is never easy to deal with, but he’s also extremely fragile healthwise because of a combination of really bad decisions on his part, and semi-neglect on the part of the people who were supposed to b taking care of  him.  Hence, the move across the state, the purchasing of a house big enough for all of us, and the chaos that has become my life.

And now, I need to eat something and possibly have a nap.