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Ten Minutes and Counting


Okay, ten minutes to blog.  I have no topic, so this is a free write.  Heh.  Prepare yourself for some aimless rambling.

I’m feeling pretty crappy this past week or so.  I started a new writing course by Holly Lisle [Think Sideways] and the first couple of days, I was doing great, and then my energy level plummeted and now I’m struggling to stay awake until bedtime.  Bummer.  So I’m not getting much done right now.  Hence the ten minutes of blogging time.  I figure if I write for ten minutes a day, my blog will start getting some action [and she’s been woefully neglected in the past year or so] and maybe I can get my ‘creative juices’ flowing again, too.

So today, I don’t feel much like writing.  I’ve been doing a book study at church on two books, the first one was called Redemption, and the second one is called Remember.  It’s a series about a Christian family and their struggles.  I fully expected the books to be horribly written, as only Christian fiction can be, but it’s been surprisingly bearable to read.  Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley wrote them.  There are some plugs for Smalley’s marriage enrichment seminars and some of his other teaching stuff, but the stories are fairly interesting [if somewhat predictable].

Tomorrow is the last night for the study. To be honest, the main reason I agreed to join the group was so I can learn some of the ladies’ names.  I don’t have them all yet, because the group was quite a bit bigger than I had anticipated, but I have gotten a chance to get to know some of the people a little better, so all in all, I’d say the book study was a success.

Shaya is at my mom and dad’s for a couple of weeks, and then my mom has surgery for a massive hernia on her abdomen on August 6th, so we’ll be going to KC for that, and then the whole family will go to my parents’ house for the week of the State Fair.  Steve is working at the fair again this year, so he’ll be in Sedalia, while the kids, dogs, and I stay with my parents.

I don’t know how conducive having all of us underfoot will be for my mom’s recovery, but maybe we’ll be a good distraction from any pain she might have.  HA!  I’m a little nervous about mom’s surgery, since the last one was such a nightmare [and a supposedly ‘minor’ surgery.  hmph!].  I don’t think she’s taking care of herself still, so who knows how this will turn out.  Ugh.

Hey!  That’s the end of my ten minutes!  Woo hoo!  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  If I get on a roll, I may extend the time eventually, but for now, this is it.


feeling weird


i was feeling kinda weird today.  anxious.  maybe because i forgot to eat [oops].  had some frustrations with a friend, Shaya is at the farm with my parents, so i miss her, but it feels like more than that.  i want to hide for some reason.

i’m listening to Nickelback.  i love Nickelback.  they’re one of my all-time favorites.

i’m still anxious, though.  supposed to go to a book study at church tonight, and i feel like i don’t want to go.  i have no idea why, though.  i just want to stay home and pray, or write, or listen to music, or all three.

i dunno.  it’s almost like a feeling of anticipation, like maybe things are changing but i don’t know if it’s a good or bad change.  ugh.

it’s almost time to go.  i guess maybe i’ll write more later.